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Emergency Chaplain Group is the arm of Emergency Ministries which provides Chaplaincy service to EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement and Dispatch agencies – both on-scene and “behind scene” with an emphasis is on Critical Incident Stress assistance. We are unique in that we require each of our Chaplains to have served in public safety as a firefighter, paramedic or law enforcement officer. We have learned that the personnel we serve appreciate that we have “worn the badge.” The services offered by Emergency Ministries are offered without regard to religious affiliation (or lack thereof). We have sat down (sometimes on the scene) with our everyday heroes on issues involving things such as; fatalities involving children, multiple fatality accidents, deaths of co-workers, marital problems, substance abuse issues and the like.

“In the most critical time of need, they help you. Then, we help them.”

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Our 2016 Gala has been set, and here is your opportunity to give back to your First Responders.  Join to be a sponsor to the “Hope for Heroes Gala” event.


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1308, 2016

Local Nonprofit Champion Skip Straus Appointed to Board of Governors of NANOE