The Benefits of Taking a GH3 Supplement

GH3 supplement is not the “fountain of youth” but it is certainly one of the most potent and effective supplements on the market today. It has been well-documented in medical research that it limits oxidative damage to DNA and mitochondria, inhibiting the formation of reactive oxygen species and reducing lipid peroxidation. It also has a range of other regenerative properties.

GH3 Supplement: An Overview

In 1956 a pharmaceutical formulation of procaine hydrochloride, 2% benzoic acid and 0.10% potassium metabisulphite was designed and marketed as GH3. It was originally intended for use as a surgical anaesthetic but it soon became known that it was also effective in the treatment of aging-related conditions.

It works at the cellular level, with effects sometimes subtle and often occurring over extended periods of time. GH3 appears to act as an antioxidant limiting oxidative damage to DNA, and it has radioprotective actions. It also has cytoprotective, anti-inflammatory and antiatherogenic effects.

GH3 also decreases lipofuscin accumulation in the brain, testicles and liver. It inhibits the action of monoamine oxidase (MAO), which tends to build up in the body after about age 40, interfering with production and operation of hormones and neurotransmitters essential for normal mental health. Restoring MAO levels to normal with GH3 helps combat depression, pessimism and tiredness that can develop as the body begins to break down. It also may improve sexual potency by restoring serotonin levels to normal. GH3 restores levels of folic acid, choline and acetylcholine, all vital for maintaining a healthy, functional endocrine system.