Learn the basics of how to function as a Fire and EMS Chaplain.

Fire departments by tradition have had someone in the role of Chaplain since the beginning of the fire service. However, in today’s world the Chaplain role has become more complex. And, EMS agencies are now welcoming Chaplaincy.

We live today in a world with economic, energy crises, nuclear accidents, bio chemical disasters, terrorism, increased crime, wars, crowded living conditions and challenges to our systems and values. Along with these areas the emergency worker is faced with working within incidents of human suffering, death, extreme physical conditions, interpersonal tensions, grief and many other stressors. The pressures of living in a complicated world affect all and damage many who find that what used to work is now ineffective in coping with this pressures of this calling to serve the community through the fire service. The work of the fire service chaplain has increased as he or she meets the challenges of working within crisis settings. With these thoughts in mind, this Essentials of Fire Chaplaincy course was developed by the Federation of Fire Chaplains, for whom Mr. Tabor is an instructor. This course counts towards Basic certification by the Federation of Fire Chaplains. This two-day course is 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day; 14 contact hours.

Program Highlights

  • History and Foundations of Fire Chaplaincy
  • Personhood of the Fire Chaplain (“who” the chaplain is to be)
  • Fire Chaplain Ministry to Firefighters
  • Fire Chaplain Ministry to Crime Victims
  • Beginning a Fire Department Chaplaincy
  • Fire Chaplain Operations
  • Critical Incident Stress Management
  • Firefighter Injury or Death
  • Chaplains Manual for Fire Department Funerals


For more information, call 855.436.2427 or email ACIRT@emchap.org