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2016 Keynote

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We were absoultely thrilled to have DAVID NASTER – world  famous author and comedian – as our keynote speaker for our 2016 Gala!



In his own words: “David Naster was born. He grew up in a smart-alec family teaching him how to survive with humor. Went to college to study Psychology. Decided he would rather make fun of people than help them. Not knowing at the time how laughter helps people in ways he never would have imagined.”

37 years later Naster is a headliner for Norwegian Cruise Lines. He is the only American Comedian to open for Celine Dion’s World Love Tour. David is also an authority of the benefits of humor and laughter. Naster’s philosophy;  “You Just have To Laugh” is endorsed by such people as Dr. Patch Adams, Dr. Bernie Siegel and founder of  Southwest Airlines, Herb Kelleher. Naster’s first book,  You Just Have To Laugh through Tough Times” was recognized internationally as the 2007 Best Humor Book award from Association of Applied Therapeutic Humor.

Our purpose is to serve humanity one laugh at a time. We do this by using humor to make TOUGH TIMES better. And it works. In my journey as a comedian for over 37 years I have witnessed the healing effects that humor and laughter have had on people going through life’s toughest times. I believe humor heals us emotionally.