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2017 Keynote

Keynote for 20172017-12-19T18:17:06+00:00
kevin davison

We are thrilled to have Kevin Davison as our keynote speaker.

About Kevin

Kevin Davison is a Canadian firefighter/paramedic and an award-winning singer/songwriter who recorded “When Those Sirens Are Gone,” which relates his personal story of his struggle with things he has seen on the job. First Responders and their families will identify with this song, which is featured on his CD “Only Human.”

In Kevin’s own words, “When I wrote this song, I thought I was writing it for me. That turned out to be so wrong; I quickly learned that it was for all First Responders. It has changed my life and many others.

Davison is already reaching people in all walks of life with “When Those Sirens Are Gone.” He’s been receiving heartfelt phone calls, emails, and social media messages on a daily basis from all over North America and beyond from those who find comfort and inspiration in his song; a song that was meant to bring a sense of understanding among colleagues to a very difficult subject.

“We are only human, and are affected by the things we see and experience,” says Kevin.” The more people I can help, the better.”

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