Adopt A Hero for a Day and give them recognition on their special day.

Take a moment today to learn how you can impact the lives of those that have made a positive impact on you!

Do you know someone who has walked with you through a trial, adversity or disaster? Want to celebrate someone special in your life? Do you want to help announce a special day in your life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and birth announcements (or any other day that has that “special meaning” to you)?  Emergency Ministries has decided that this year, we want to honor our family, friends and maybe even a complete stranger who has made an impact in our lives. This is your chance to honor your “Hero” and give them recognition on their special day.

Here’s how it works

Choose your special day (or days!) to “Adopt” and tell us why that day is special to you. In turn, we will honor you or this person on our “Adopt A Day” page. This is a unique opportunity and a way to give someone a gift of THANKS while blessing Emergency Ministries with your generous donation. Each day of operation the cost the ministry is approximately $400. So, each day you adopt (yes, you CAN adopt more than one day), would be a $400 contribution to let us (and your family and friends) know that you are coming alongside us in providing much-needed services to our everyday heroes.

Sample page/Adopt a day

Should you choose to remain anonymous your entry will look like this:

“An Anonymous Donor” has adopted June 8th

“An anonymous donor” would like to dedicate June 8th in memory and honor of the good Samaritans in 2002 who stopped on the Florida Turnpike, outside of Orlando, Florida, to assist the scene of an over turned vehicle.  While assisting the victims from the vehicle, an 18-Wheeler came through and hit all of the good Samaritans, killing a local off-duty firefighter and a local physician and injuring over 10. Thus, emotionally scaring hundreds of people for life.  These good Samaritans will NEVER be forgotten for their heroic acts!

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