“We are finally starting to talk about the stressors within fire, law enforcement & EMS…”

Now… a safe venue to openly discuss the realities of what you have seen on the streets (or across the radio and on the phone)!

Two great organizations have teamed up to bring hope to those Heroes who have served and are serving on the “front lines” of our city streets. We were honored to be chosen by the “PTSD Foundation of America” to be their “Official First Responder Partner” to bring the new “First Responder Healing Manual” to you and to establish weekly support groups.

Take the confidential “First Responder Self-Assessment”



Up to ten fellow first responders (led by a fellow first responder who has ‘been there, done that’ and who has specialized training in Peer Support) will meet weekly to openly discuss the impacts of our jobs on our families, our friends, our co-workers and on ourselves. There is no fee for attending any of the groups and the workbooks are provided at no cost.

Are you feeling the effects of years on the job seeing highly charged and emotional scenes? Join a group today!

For times/days and locations: please email peersupport@emchap.org or call 281.651.2661 (Mon-Fri 0900-1600hrs Central Time Zone)

“Introducing an amazing song – “When Those Sirens Are Gone” – by Canadian Firefighter/Paramedic/Song Writer Kevin Davison. In Kevin’s own words – “When I wrote this song, I thought I was writing it for me. That turned out to be so wrong, I quickly learned that it was for all first responders. It has changed my life and many others.”

Kevin gave us permission to post his video. It tells the story that most first responders know all too well. I believe it can also help show your family what we go through.” – Chaplain Skip