Tips for Headshot Photography

headshot photography

Almost everyone needs professional headshots for their personal or business profile. The image is a direct representation of your professionalism and you can’t afford to cut corners.

The best headshots are captured against a simple backdrop that won’t steal attention from the subject. Occasionally, a textured background or color is used to add personality, but the overarching goal is for the subject to shine through the image.

Mastering the Art: Tips for Successful Headshot Photography

In terms of camera equipment, a short telephoto lens (e.g., an 85mm lens on a full-frame camera) is recommended for headshot photography because it gives the subject enough personal space and helps blur the background. For the most natural-looking photographs, it’s also important to talk to your subjects during the shoot. Reassure them that they are doing a good job and encourage them to continue making the right decisions. It’s also important to praise them even if they are turning their head in the wrong direction or the lighting is falling unfavorably. This will help them stay comfortable and on track to achieve great results.

It’s also important to discuss the retouching process with your subjects before the shoot. Retouching is a delicate topic and you and your client will need to be on the same page about what’s appropriate and not. Typically, minor adjustments like removing a blemish or slimming the face are acceptable, but more extensive modifications like whitening teeth or reducing a birthmark should be avoided. If you and your clients are not on the same page about retouching, it may be difficult to get the shots they need.